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To the Moon and Beyond

May 25, 2007 (02:55 CET)

Ok, sorry folks, no beta yet, cause I decided to port my app one more time, this time from Delphi to c#...Why, you might ask? Well, after some good feedback and discussions following a limited mailing of my gamma alpha release (thanks Duncan), I figured it would be a shame to release UGO only on the windows platform. Getting my app to run on c# will allow me to port it reasonably fast to the Mac OSX platform. Please stay tuned while I spent another couple of nights getting up to speed on Visual Studio Express and Xcode...

Oh, and another thing. I will be changing servers in the meantime too, so there might be an interval where both my blogs will appear a bit funky.

To see the UGO's below, load the following Moon or Mars overlay (provided by Matt Foxx) in combination with the .kmz file:



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