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Progressing with c#

May 31, 2007 (01:57 CET)

Mmm, this c# OOP paradigm is certainly a fine challenge, Python and Delphi were a smooth ride compared to this. I need to switch some buttons in my head to get this OOP stuff to work. Have spend quite some time already, reading, figuring it out, testing, reading again. And its getting there, but its going slow, and I also don't have the nights to spend like I had a couple of weeks ago so please bare with me while I finish the code and deliver you the beta. The slow down also stems from my needing to figure out what the beta should entail in terms of features. A nice addition I'd like to make is to have the UGO be created on the spot (as in real-time), but all this needs a bit of rework on the code...and that's confusing if I can't get the original one to be coded correctly first (no .kmz's this time).




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Duncan Wilcox:

Looks like progress!

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