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Ending AFUGO (Away From UGO)

September 15, 2007 (12:46 CET)

Its been rather slow on the UGO side down here due to other obligations and a re-orientation of where we'd like things to be going from here. At the same time we've been working on some technical (server) issues and some new code so with a bit of refocus we plan to bring out a test version in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Barry Hunter over at nearby.org.uk has just released a technical preview of something quite similar to UGO. He calls it the 'Google Earth Black Box Recorder' (what's in a name ;) Apparently, the update issues with the network link have been resolved in the new Google Earth release as it seems he implemented BBR with a network link to his server to do the conversion and recording as I originally planned back in May. He finishes his blogpost announcement with an interesting statement we have come across as well a couple of times ;)

… technically it could be used to record movement in any mode, however it only records the camera position, which is almost ideal for the flight simulator, but not so useful otherwise.

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One thing of note is this script just uses the new [cameraLon],[cameraLat],[cameraAlt] tags in the ViewFormat tag, I dont do any complicated view point calculation, as I guess you must (of had too!)

Anyway I really look forward to seeing the application when its available...

Ah, yes, I haven't checked the new KML release yet. Its true we had to figure out some nifty vector reduction to get to the camera position based on the lookat position (using SMAD surely helped). Seems that's all out of the window now ;)

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