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UGO Video

August 15, 2007 (18:40 CET)

Looking at ways to utilise UGO's ability to provide position feedback in Google Earth, I keep returning to a project by Berlin based ART+COM called 'The Invisible Shape of Things Past'. Some 10(!) years ago I saw a presentation of the project by Joachim Sauter. In this self-commissioned work, they developed an exceptionally beautiful way to build 3d representations of video footage in a virtual world. The first image below for example shows how they recreated a 3d video structure from a video clip shot in Berlin (be sure to check out their other images & videos).

Replacing my earlier 3d models with 'flat' 2d images, creating a 3d video object build from individual frames seems to be an interesting possible use of the UGO code. Of course there are several hurdles to overcome in order to get the right position and orientation of each individual frame, but in principle this should be feasible given the right time/attitude correlation within the video footage (not that different from photo geocoding). Below are some screendumps of tests I did a few weeks ago where I more or less picked a random image and started flying around in Google Earth.

As a side note, its at this stage unfortunately not possible to provide a .kmz file to give you a first hand view of these tests in Google Earth because sofar loading a .kmz file with multiple individual positions only loads the corresponding 3d model into the first position. I'll be looking into this.






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I love the look of this, it's so artistic

Thanx for the compliment ;)


Any updates to getting this as a KML?
It's incredibly cool.

Posted on my blog:

Well, not yet, but I am looking back into the coding I did over the summer and plan to publish all the code and a workable demo version in the next week or so

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