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Google Earth camera visualisation

June 24, 2007 (19:11 CET)

One of my original motivations to program something like UGO was to be able to have a look at the smooth camera movements of the build-in GE camera when you play through a predefined list of placemarks (such as the default GE-tour or when you play through GE-provided driving directions). Using the current UGO version, I finally managed to get a respectable visualisation of this movement. Below .kmz file for example shows the camera movement while touring through GE-provided driving directions between Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Included in this .kmz file are the original driving directions of Google Earth and the extruded and non-extruded UGO visualisations. Its nice to finally see a visual representation of the peculiarities of the GE camera movement such as the slow retracting movement before diving towards the next focus point





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